Tips on freelance opportunities for talented students

If you are a bright and talented student looking to make a bit of money outside of your studies, then freelancing is a great opportunity for you to do that. There are a variety of different jobs within freelancing that you can do and earn some extra money on the side that can help you with your living costs at university.


There are a variety of different opportunities available for freelancing online that bright students can capitalize on. There is writing, translation, programming, digital assistant and web design work available among many other types of jobs.

To see which jobs would suit you best, you need to look through your skillset and see what sort of freelancing work would suit you best. If you feel that you currently do not possess any skills that are conductive to freelancing, then you can also acquire these skills through your university by attending extra classes.

For example, you could attend lectures on programming to get your programming skills up to scratch so that you are able to do programming freelancing jobs.


After you have identified which types of freelancing jobs you would be suited best for, it is time to apply for these jobs. The best way to find freelancing jobs online is through a freelancing marketplace.

Sign up to any of the big freelance marketplaces and make sure to thoroughly fill out your profile; attach a profile picture, write a comprehensive profile and put in some examples of your work in your portfolio.

Your portfolio is extremely important, as this is what potential clients will be checking out when choosing whether or not to hire you, so ensure you only put your best pieces of work in your portfolio.

When you apply for a job on the freelance marketplace, make sure that every cover letter that you send is custom made for the job you are applying for. Do not copy and paste the same cover letter for every job you apply for!

As you can see, there are many freelancing opportunities available for students online. Even if you do not feel you have the right skillset to be a freelancer currently, you can use your college to gain these skills to earn some helpful cash that can greatly contribute towards your living costs as a student.

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